genealogy of the Shreve family
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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S11  The Mayflower Descendant, Volume XI
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants 
2 S4 "Some Arlington Area People: Their Moments and Influence" - The Arlington Historical Magazine, Volume 4, October 1969, No. 1
Steadman, Melvin Lee, Jr. 
3 S3515128205 1850 United States Federal Census 
4 S3515148444 1860 United States Federal Census 
5 S3516176412 1870 United States Federal Census 
6 S3516166581 1880 United States Federal Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
7 S3516131699 1900 United States Federal Census 
8 S3516113068 1910 United States Federal Census 
9 S3515100823 1920 United States Federal Census 
10 S3 1930 Census
11 S3515006234 1930 United States Federal Census 
12 S3514843585 Ancestry Family Trees
13 S8 Early Records of the Town of Portsmouth
14 S3515170893 Family Data Collection - Births
Edmund West, comp. 
15 S3515171390 Family Data Collection - Deaths
Edmund West, comp. 
16 S3515167696 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Edmund West, comp. 
17 S3516176413
18 S13 Founders of Early American Families
Order of Founders and Patriots of America 
19 S1 GEDCOM File : 1863837.ged
Bill Cunningham 
20 S2 GEDCOM File : 1863837.ged
Bill Cunningham 
21 S7 Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island
Austin, John Osborne 
22 S9 History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters
Hills, Leon Clark 
23 S16 Little Compton Families
Wilbour, Benjamin Franklin 
24 S14 Plymouth Church Records 12:32
25 S15 Records of the Colony of New Plymouth
Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. 
26 S17 Records of the Plymouth Colony
Shurtleff, Nathaniel B 
27 S3514852174 Social Security Death Index 
28 S6 The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 Volume I
Anderson, Robert Charles 
29 S10 The Mayflower Descendant, Volume VIII
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants 
30 S12 The Mayflower Descendant, Volume XV
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants 
31 S5 This Old Monmouth of Ours
Hornor, William S. 
32 S3515147384 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index
Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp. 
33 S3516112713 United States Obituary Collection